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We got you!

Our crack team of animators and developers have over 15 years industry experience at the highest level. We’ll deliver on time, and under budget. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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  • 43 Main St Alstonville, NSW 2477

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Not just a banner studio

After my recent trip to Sydney to visit some of our clients and contacts, which I just don’t get to do enough. I’ve realised that not many of them were aware of all the various services that we provide.

Of course I understand this dilemma, it’s because we’ve been helping people with their banners for the past 15 years. From gifs to swfs, and now HTML5 ads. We’ve been the go-to for many digital producers when that banner brief lands in their inbox.  To them, we’re the Banner Boys from Byron Bay. And while that sounds like a questionable bluegrass hipster band that would feature at one of the many local festivals up this way, it’s fortunately not the case.

Our team can take on just about any HTML, Design or Video project that you may require.

  • eDM’s – Yep
    Design and Development
    Static or Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Landing Pages – Sure thing
    Design and Development
    Static or Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Design – Of course
    Banner Ad Concepts
    Storyboarding and layouts
    eDM and Web Design
  • Video production –  It’s in our bag o’ tricks
    Pre-rolls and Youtube videos
    Facebook and Instagram Social videos
    Post production and effects
    3D modelling and animation

Plus any other digital marketing project that you may need some help with, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Ben Bazar
+61 (0)438 619 864

Oh, and it seems due to creative differences, the Banner Boys from Byron Bay have stopped taking bookings for gigs.
Sorry guys.

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