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Got banners? Look no further. Bazar Studios can take care of just about anything you throw at us. We’ve been in digital since the beginning, and have worked with pretty much everyone, on pretty much every type of brief. Standard builds, check. Rich media, sure. Interactive, responsive, last-minute and limited budget… Of course, we make it happen on time, and on point. If you need storyboarding we can sort that for you too.

Oh, but it’s not just banners that we specialise in.. It’s what we’re best known in the industry for.. We also build eDMs, develop responsive HTML5 landing pages, and crank out awesome video production and 3D animations. So don’t hesitate to get in touch the next time you have that super urgent, last minute brief.. Or better yet book in some time with us weeks in advance to give yourself some breathing room on deadline day.


Oh BTW, we understand that this site is pretty much a lame wordpress template. Kindly don’t judge our possible output on this showing. It’s been chucked together while our devs are busy on other really cool, platform building radness, that we unfortunately can’t show you due to multiple NDA’s. Which kinda sucks, as we want you to think we’re awesome. Which we are… I promise.


We provide not just efficient service, but also stable resources for the development of your ongoing campaigns and store all previous working files if any amends or adapts are required.


Don’t have the time or the staff to deal with a new brief? With Bazar Studios, you can count on reliable service, performance and responsiveness from a dedicated team of marketing professionals.


We happily work under NDAs, and the understanding that you don’t discuss projects with competing agencies. It leaves us with very little examples of work that we can advertise, however we pride ourselves on our loyalty.

Cost management

With competitive flat rates for banner production, you’ll be able to set your development budget, and not worry about getting any nasty surprises on completion of the project.

Advanced technology

At Bazar Studios, we’re always using the latest marketing technologies and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved for you and your clients.

Best practices

With 15 years’ experience building banners, we’ve learned a thing or two about what we can produce within the allocated spec, time frame and budget.

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Our company is focused on different areas. We are guided by the equity principle. But equity approach is not only
right in principle. It is right in practice. This means, in practice, doing a better.