Mobile Friendly Banners

With the advent of smart phones, the banner landscape had to change significantly. Which meant no more flash ads or plugins (Thanks Steve). HTML5 banners is where it’s at now, and we’re all over it.
Gifs and video also make up a lot of these ad placements, also both in our wheelhouse.

There’s also some cool new mobile ad platforms around at the moment. One of which is Celtra. They have some really effective ad formats like the interscroller and miniscroller. Both of these creatives animate through the timeline depending on where you’re scrolling up and down on your device. It’s a fun way to reveal the banner information, and can help your creative stand out to even the quickest of swipers. We’ve worked on a few of these lately, so we can help out if you find one on your mediaplan.

Get in touch if you’d like to see some examples.

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