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Our crack team of animators and developers have over 15 years industry experience at the highest level. We’ll deliver on time, and under budget. 

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All your Banner Ad production and
Internet Marketing, under one roof

Bazar Studios is a production house built on relationships. We do whatever we can to keep these relationships strong and ongoing, as we need our clients, digital producers and account managers everywhere knowing that we’re just a call or email away. They know that we are prepared to move mountains (of banners) for them, whether they have plenty of lead time, or find themselves staring at a rapidly approaching deadline. Whether it’s a global brand, or a smaller client and their budget won’t stretch as far as usual. They know they can discuss anything with us and we’ll come to an arrangement. We do this because we’re in this together.

We do this for those that have kept our number on speed dial no matter which agency they were working at over the years. They’re awesome, so we need to stay awesome, and keep providing a reliable and always adaptable service. If we can make it through the Flash v HTML5 banner code wars of 2012-2014, we can make it through anything. That experience forced us out of our comfort zone, into taking on whatever projects we could get our hands on. HTML5 banners triumphed, and Flash fell by the wayside. However our team love a bit of AnimateCC in the morning, or some 3D and video production to get them through the long days.

Our relationships are forged in the trenches. Deep in the Friday afternoon rush of trying to get a campaign approved and trafficked for the weekend. Digital marketeers understand that you need people you know and trust, to help you win this banner battle, and get through to the beers on the other side. Those battle hardened producers know Bazar Studios are there for them in their time of need. Zipping, uploading, testing, amending and doing it all over again until it’s done, and the day is won. Only then can the high fives happen, and the amber gold flow. Only then can we move on towards the weekend reprieve, calm in the knowledge we’ve done what we could for yet another valued client.



We provide not just efficient service, but also stable resources for the development of your ongoing campaigns and store all previous working files if any amends or adapts are required.
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Don’t have the time or the staff to deal with a new brief? With Bazar Studios, you can count on reliable service, performance and responsiveness from a dedicated team of marketing professionals.
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We happily work under NDAs, and the understanding that you don’t discuss projects with competing agencies. It leaves us with very little examples of work that we can advertise, however we pride ourselves on our loyalty.
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Cost management

With competitive flat rates for banner production, you’ll be able to set your development budget, and not worry about getting any nasty surprises on completion of the project.
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